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In 1947, Toshio Koide's father and two brothers opened a metal processing facility. For a brief period during the 1960's, they produced entry-level cymbals and later began fabricating kettles for orchestral timpani, which they continued for 23 years. In 1998, Toshio decided to return to cymbal-making, using readily available B8 bronze. Toshio started Koide Cymbals' first production made cymbal line in 2003. Shortly thereafter, he began utilizing Turkish made B20 blanks and traditional cymbal-making practices. As he developed his understanding of standard cymbal fabrication and the qualities of the B20 alloy, he decided to expand on his understanding of cymbal metallurgy and the physics of cymbal sound characteristics. Toshio found guidance from such noted facilities as Research Institute for Applied Sciences, Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Perfecture, University of Fukui, and Osaka Alloying Works Company Ltd. This extensive research led to new alloys and production techniques – and new cymbal sounds.

Koide Cymbals are distinctive, the results of primarily B23ZT and B21ZFe, which are Koide's patented alloys of Zirconium, Titanium, Iron, and higher Tin to Copper ratios. Each cymbal series is manufactured by methods specific to that series, so each series has unique and distinctly different qualities. Koide still uses his own B20 alloy and traditional hammering methods for his more Turkish sounding 703 cymbal line as well. All of Koide's cymbal blank material is specially produced in Japan for Koide Cymbal Co. by a foundry that specializes in copper-based alloys using highly sophisticated processing techniques to manufacture his proprietary alloys.

Our Process

Production methods utilize both machine hammering and hand hammering or sometimes both machine and hand hammering combined depending on the models chosen. Our machine power hammer allows for precise and consistent blows to the bronze blanks and aids in fabrication. Hand hammering brings variations in impact blows creating uniqueness to each individual cymbal. No automated or computer assisted hammering is used, these cymbals are made by craftsmen. Today, Koide is a small outfit that values tradition, expertise, quality and places a premium on quality in every regard. Each model of Koide cymbals is produced in small batches to maintain quality control and consistency with a focus on player satisfaction with any given cymbal we produce. Koide has a wide range of cymbals to suit the needs of professional drummers. From the classic Turkish vibe of the hand hammered B20 703 series to the modern sounding B23 Brilliant series.

Koide Cymbals by design play, sound and feel different from what you may be used to when you first play them. Especially if you use weight as a basis. Sometimes the difference is sublime, and in other cases it can be very different. Koide Cymbals many times can sound like a cymbal that is lighter than the given weight of a Koide Cymbal. For example, a Koide 20" ride at 2500 grams can have tonal qualities that are found in other traditional cymbals that are several hundred grams lighter or in some cases heaver. This is due to the nature of Koide Cymbal's alloys as with the B21 Absolutes or the B23 Brilliant lines. By using different ratios of metals, cymbal qualities will be notably different in both feel and sound. As you search through the cymbals on this website, pay more attention to what you hear and don't rely on standard weights, thicknesses or diameter sizes as a reference. Many variables are at play in a cymbal's sound production. Finding the perfect combination of metal alloy, shaping techniques and knowledge provides the foundation for a truly great cymbal. That is what we are about at Koide Cymbals. .

Koide Cymbal Lines


Cymbal Line

The Absolute series originates with the patented B21ZFe alloy. This cymbal line has a warm overall sound that accentuates the fundamental note or pitch of the cymbal. With a slightly drier, medium-short sustain and an upper mid frequency boost, this cymbal series has the ability to create the sound of a louder cymbal but with reduced db levels. The ABSOLUTE cymbals are ideal for situations that perhaps require more controlled volume levels. These are not "quiet" cymbals by any means and are capable of plenty of cut, but they do deliver a more mellow vibe that doesn't mask other instruments in the upper frequency range. These cymbals articulate so they sound louder relative to the actual db level of a comparable traditional B20 cymbal under normal playing conditions. The larger crash cymbals are also great small rides for acoustic situations. The slight dryness aids in articulation.


Cymbal Line

The Brilliant cymbal is made with the patented and very unique B23ZT alloy and an over-hammering process. Obviously, the high tin content brings a very high stiffness and thus "brilliance" to the sound, but the Zirconium and Titanium add malleability and durability the metal needs during production and use. These cymbals all have enhanced upper frequencies that produce a very bright and shimmery sound. None are harsh, and all sizes have a sweetness to the shimmer in the wash when crashed. The surface tension is very high when compared to B20 cymbals and they aren’t as bendable when flexed. The BRILLIANT line opens up very easily and quickly when crashed and has fast stick rebound due to this added stiffness. Sweetness and presence are the strongest characteristics of the BRILLIANT series – plenty of cut, clean, fast response, shimmer, brightness without harshness, and a medium to long sustain. The medium and larger crashes imply a sizzle quality to their sound and are very responsive. BRILLIANT cymbals make an excellent choice for pop, rock and fusion music; they have a unique feel under the stick when played and don’t require big hits to get a big response. Many players comment on how the weight-to-sound ratio is very different from B20 in the sense that these cymbals play like thicker cymbals but sound like a much thinner cymbal. Like the ABSOLUTE line, the large crashes make for great crash/rides that give a nice lift to the music.

703 Series

Cymbal Line

In the Koide line, the 703 cymbals are the closest to traditional Turkish cymbals. All 703 cymbals are shaped entirely by hammering and are tuned by the hammer. Among the Koide lines, the bells of the 703’s are lower in profile and slightly smaller in diameter. Cymbal profiles can vary which means each cymbal can be quite different form the next. Each 703 cymbal is unique unto itself – no two are alike, and the end product emanates from the sound characteristics that present themselves as the cymbal is made and by the direction that Toshio Koide chooses to take in creating the cymbal.

Because 703’s are so process-driven, when you purchase these cymbals, you’ll buy the exact 703 cymbal being advertised online due to variations in each cymbal. The 703's are made from Koide's B20 alloy and are the perfect fit for jazz or any music that needs a warm, organic and complex sounding cymbal. These instruments are very expressive, responsive, and sensitive to how and where they are played over the surface. Custom orders for this series are accepted.

10J Series

Cymbal Line

As with the 703's, the 10J cymbals are made from Koide's B20 alloy and with contemporary sound at the core of its design. The main difference between the two lines is the fabrication process. 10J's are produced to allow for more overall consistency in each cymbal but with the vintage vibe and warmth of 703's. Think of the 10J as the production version of the 703 – not quite as complex, but maybe a little more versatile and conventional in sound characteristics. These cymbals are the time tested, tried-and-true workhorse style of cymbal that will provide you with a classic sound and feel that works in most all musical situations. 10J's possess a great dynamic range, a responsive feel, and a familiarity in sound that will be a go-to cymbal for working musicians that need to cover a wide range of styles.

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Koide At NAMM 2022


Koide will be making its debut in the US at the summer NAMM show in Anaheim June 3rd to June 5th.  If you are all about cymbals and happen to be going to the show, drop by booth


and see our latest offerings.  We'll have a wide range of styles and sizes to check out. 

 Keep an eye out for other lines of Koide cymbals to become available in the near future.  Currently were are focusing on the Absolute, Brilliant, 10J and 703 series.  There are a couple other series that will eventually make their way stateside as we pull this thing together.  Stay tuned. Join the mailing list.  Get the skinny on the latest! 


Special thanks to the following musicians who are precious advisers in contributing enormous expertise, towards the development of sound in the Koide Cymbal lines.

Roby Corelli

Roby Corelli

Based in Australia (Melbourne). Roby plays: 703 series/10J series/808 series/609 series.

From major label contracts, to toughing it out on the road Roby, who, after graduating from VCA worked across styles, playing reggae, blues, jazz and exploring electronics. Roby is an in-demand drummer around town which has led him to become one amongst a growing number of respected Australian drummers, also an ambassador for Yamaha drums and now Koide cymbals in Japan.

Through his work as a revered drum clinicians, he has traveled the world exploring and sharing new ideas - inspiring other drummers to new heights. Roby has been diligent in encouraging drummers to ‘do your own thing’ for many years and has published two unique drum books: Phantom Groove - a collection of tools and methods aimed at helping drummers unlock and enhance their own unique sound and technique, Drumming Steps - a progressive book for beginners to advanced level drummers.

Roby has performed with... The Gaia Band, Bob Thorne and The Blues Bus, Prodosonic, Ian Hern, Dry, Rhonda Burchmore, The Drifters, Guy Sebastian, Normie Rowe, John Forman, Enza Pentano, Rae Valera, Jeff Duff, Kelly Auty, Mick Pealing, Bobby Bright, Denise Drysdale, Johnny Young, Peter Couples, Jimmy Couples, Max Merritt, Andrew Harrison Quartet, Justin Connor and The Soul Passengers, Steve Boyd Revue, Miss Dorothy, Relax With Max, Reverend Funk, Red Rivers, Grand Wazoo, Soul Sushi, Connor-Ryall and Corelli, Deep Blue Day... and many more

Roby’s books can be found at: www.charismapublishing.com


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